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Periodically, details of a new as yet un-patented invention will be featured here. This page provides hyperlinks and a brief description of our current listing. Note: We obviously will not publish our best and most promising on the public internet. For these, you must contact us.

Introducing the Solar-Breeze from Invention Concepts
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Ratchet Wrench Extension: An offset extension device for conventional ratchet wrench drivers to allow access to nut and bolt heads that ordinarily require box wrenches and bruised knuckles.

Coming Soon:

The "Archimedes Generator": This invention is for "fun", something like the "ultimate science fair project". Using only principals known for over 200 years, it is a totally new class of electrical generators. It is a "basic invention", something so new that it creates an entirely new category at the patent office.

Logically and scientifically, it should work. It should prove that scientist an engineers have missed something really obvious, for centuries now. But it needs to be built, and tested, which can easily be done on your kitchen table.

This is a truly "fun" invention, which has never been tested. Preliminary calculations show that it may never be a commercially valuable product. The "fun" is in why no one has ever thought of it before. Is it because there is something wrong with the idea? With such a simple principal, it is hard to conceive of a reason why it should not produce electricity. Perhaps it’s because it was just so plain obvious that nobody ever thought of it before’

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